Monday, 1 September 2014

New Craft Area - Downsizing :-s


So for about a year now I knew I would have to give up my craft room for our imminent baby boy (who is now 7 1/2 months) and move somewhere else in the house, no doubt smaller.  The challenge was finding somewhere that was suitable for me that would give me some working space, storage and easy access to the kiddies and easy access to me for them (Does that make sense?)

So we ripped out a pointless coat cupboard in the hallway and my very kind hubby put in a desk for me. In the last few days, I've put up shelving in the adjacent cupboard and made 2 drawers for my inks and stamps and here we are.


I still have a bookcase upstairs in the office for things I don't use all the time, extra storage and storage for stock, but this is my main home now.  I've just got 2 more units to make, one to hold all my ribbons and one to hold my machines (cutter, embosser and foiler).
I finally finished tidying it all today and getting everything away. Still more to do upstairs but happy with this area now. 
What do you think? :-)