Saturday, 26 July 2014

Less than a week to go!

Scarey!, less than a week to go until the website is finally launched! I can't describe how I feel right now, it's all a mixture of excitement, determination, relief, happiness, hopefulness.....the list goes on. This has been a very long time in the making.
No pics today, just wanted to get that off my chest!
See you soon

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Mens Wallet

Afternoon All,
Just a quick post as I wanted to share a new product on here which I thought might interest you. Its a man's wallet card. Complete with pockets and photo holder. The insert even has space for you to write on.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Another Giveaway!

Sorry I haven't been on recently. I've been so busy with orders, preparing the website and organising the countdown...but it's all good! We're having another giveaway this weekend on Facebook, so join us to be in with a chance to win this...

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Weekend Giveaway

Join us on Facebook for our freebie!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Tutorial - Paper Roses

Morning! Focused and ready to go today. Tutorial, finish an order, upload the first Facebook posting for the 30 Day Countdown, spend time with the kiddies and do bits around the house. Grand day ahead, I'm so excited about the 30 Day Countdown!!!

So first, a tutorial on how I made my paper roses from yesterday. I've never done a tutorial before so I hope this is ok. I decided not to do a video one as I always end up start/stopping the ones I watch to catch up on every step. I decided to do mine as a step by step with photo and instructions.

One thing to remember is that nature isn't perfect, so why should handmade flowers be either? If one petal is slightly wonky, it really doesn't matter, I think they look great anyway.

So here we go...

1. Cut 4 circles from your chosen paper. Remember whatever size you do them, the rose will end up slightly smaller all around because of the curling. I've done mine at 2" diameter.

2. Take one of the circles, fold it in half.

3.Fold this into thirds - remember it doesn't have to be perfectly perfect!

4.For the sake of this tutorial I have drawn the petal line, but I would normally do this freehand. Cut this out.

5. Cut the point off.

6. Open it up and it should look like this...

Do this to all 4 circles.

7. Curl your petals - I used a cocktail stick.

9. On one circle, cut one petal out.

10. On the second circle cut a section of two petals out. On the third, three petals out.

11. You should then have a full flower, a 5 petal piece, a four petal piece, 2x three petal pieces, a two petal piece and a one petal piece.

12. You only need one of the three petal pieces, so the one you are discarding, cut one petal to use as your base and throw away the rest.

13. You now need to glue and seal your 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 petal pieces...

14. Put your glue gun on to warm up NOW :-)

15. Put some glue on your base petal and fix your full flower to it.

16. Now add some glue from your glue gun and place your 5 petal piece on top. Remember your petals should ideally be between the layer below, not in line. You'll have to be quick getting the placement right with glue gun glue as it goes off so quickly.

17. Using your glue gun, continue adding your layers, the next one is the 4 piece, then 3 piece, 2,1...

18. When you've put all your layers in, remove any strings of glue that are showing. Play around with the curls if you're not happy.

Your finished Product...

Hopefully that was ok as a tutorial, I would really welcome your feedback. If you have any questions or queries, please get in touch, I'm happy to help.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Paper roses

Today I am not so much crafting as house tidying ready for long awaited guests staying at the weekend, focusing my mind on the 30 day countdown starting tomorrow and playing with paper while the kiddies are asleep.

Yesterday, I delivered my card box to the post office, first time my cards have ever been in a shop. It was really lovely to see the box on the counter, I felt such a sense of achievement.

This morning, I decided I spend an absolute fortune on embellishments for my papercrafts and need to come up with ways of cutting my costs a bit. I'd also like to be able to make and sell my own embellishments. So I sat down with some paper and glue this morning. After watching numerous flower videos on youtube, I came up with my own way of doing them.

What do you think?

I've had some much positive feedback on these on facebook and many people have asked me to a tutorial on how I made them, so I guess I'll be getting on with that later :-)

That's all for now folks.