Friday, 8 June 2012

It's back!

My Cricut's back!  Thanks Mum-in-Law for dropping off yesterday x

Continuing on today with card making for family birthdays and Fathers Day, as well as making/designing/planning for the sale at Little Mouselings

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Back to basics...

Well, I feel like my right arm's been cut off.  I (stupidly) left my cricut at Mum-in-Laws last weekend and have cards to make!  So I've had to go back to my pre-machine craft life - colouring in, hand cutting, etc! The one card I need immediately has been finished and I am pleased with - will post on here at the weekend after the recipient has had it!  The others can wait, I was just trying to be a bit more organised than I normally am!

So I'm spending my days designing and sorting out papers for projects, in readiness for when I get my machine back to start producing in earnest, ready for the sale at Little Mouselings next month.