Thursday, 13 February 2014

Emotional Rollercoaster

Hello everyone,

Huge apologies again to you all. The run up to Christmas was busy with Christmas Fairs and preparing for the birth of our baby boy (elective Caesarian booked for 14/1/2014).

Then on top of everything, Wayne's Nan was admitted to hospital with pneumonia on Christmas Day.  Our Christmas and New Year seem to have been spent constantly at Gloucester Royal, if not visiting Nan, with false starts and weird baby symptoms.

Elliot Roy Tuckwell was born - as planned - on the 14th January. The first 48 hours of his life were worrying. He couldn't maintain his body temperature so was in an incubator for a few hours. He was also born with a grunt, so the hospital decided to start him on antibiotics and take bloods to grow cultures which would show if there was an infection anywhere. Those were the longest 48 hours, waiting for the cultures to grow. As it was, the grunt disappeared after a day and he was given the all clear, which meant we were home as a family again 48 hours after right. I was so glad to be home.  We were both concerned about how Sophie would be with him, but she has been perfect. Such a caring, doting, and helpful big sister.

Wayne's Nan continued to have good and bad days in and out of hospital, she was finally sent to Lydney hospital for recuperation with a view to sending her home at some point..... When the Norovirus hit.  She finally succumbed and died in the early hours of the 27th January. Just as Wayne was due to return to work after paternity, he now had to take time off to execute Nan's estate and all the associate problems.

Needless to say, we are only just getting back on our feet...slowly. I have postponed the website launch, currently in the process of tidying my craft space (again) and then onwards and upwards.

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