Thursday, 11 April 2013


Morning Peeps,
Yes I know it's been a while again. Another round of illnesses has hit us all here, an emotional low and sheer frustration in that my countdown to website launch day seemed impossible.  Then last Friday we had our first chinese for ages and our first in our new house. So I opened my fortune cookie...

...and my belief in what I'm trying to achieve renewed itself. Since then I've been having a real tidy up and clear out of my craft room, sorting out some storage issues and designing like mad. I'll be selling things that I don't use/don't interest me any more, so that my room is very much focused on what I want to do. Frustrations over the website have been resolved by breaking it down into section launches - why didn't I think about that before? - the first and most important being my cards on the 1st July 2013.  Hubby very kindly sorted out my Cricut, thank goodness.  I feel so much happier :-)

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