Thursday, 14 February 2013

On the mend

Yes I know it's very late but I hope you all had a good Christmas and Merry New Year. We spent most of the holiday and January recovering from a burglary on the 22nd December.  Not much sentimental was taken, mainly electricals and hubbies photography equipment. All of it's been replaced now and we have had an alarm system fitted, so feeling a bit safer in our own home again.  We made the most of Christmas for Sophie's sake, she was a very spoilt little girl.

I went in for keyhole surgery yesterday to have my gall bladder removed after going through numerous bouts of pain since having Sophie. Got home about 9pm last night. Didn't have a particularly good night but just glad to be home. Sore today, so dosed up with painkillers and will be taking it easy for a few weeks. But it does give me a chance to get some craft sorting done and ideas ready for when I feel up to making again.

Well that's just about all for now. Will catch up soon with some more crafty makes, promise.

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